A small selection of guests on the podcast

Hot D Palaver #1

Discussion of House of the Dragon season 1 with History of Westeros' Aziz and Radio Westeros’ Yolkboy.

We Light The Way feat. David J Peterson

Episode 500 and mid season check in with Hot D language writer/creator David J Peterson.

George R.R. Martin

Our first podcast with George R.R. Martin!

10 Years with Hodor

Kristian Nairn returns to celebrate the Game of Thrones 10 year anniversary.

The Dragontamer

It's time to steal a dragon. Special guest: The Fattest Leech

The Fire and Blood Route

Daenerys and Meeren enter Daznak's Pit

A Dream of Quarantine

Three podcasters are quarantined in one apartment.


The Fattest Leech joins the podcast to discuss George R.R. Martin's stories and their connections.


Kim Renfro returns to discuss her new book and the future of GOT.

A Ghost in Winterfell

The Boltons return for A Ghost in Winterfell

David J. Peterson

Writer and language creator David J. Peterson returns to discuss the Game of Thrones prequels.

House of the Forsaken

Halloween special. Victarion I and The Forsaken from The Winds of Winter feat. Emmett Booth. House of the Dragon is coming.

David J. Peterson Returns

Writer and language creator David J. Peterson returns to the podcast to discuss the end of Game of Thrones.

A Girl In Grey

Lady Gwynhyfvar joins the podcast to discuss Jon IX ahead of the final season of GOT.

Fire and Blood part one

ASOIAF luminaries join the podcast to speak ahead of a rare book release.

Honor is a Horse

Brynden BFish joins the podcast. Jaime and Brienne are tested by the old gods and the new.

Grey Mist

ASOIAF luminary LiesandArbor arrives to represent House Dayne and discuss Brandon Stark's final published chapter.

The Dragon and the Wolf Part Two

A podcast is joined by actress and YouTuber Brizzy for the second part of the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale!

Interview with Paula Fairfield

Legendary sound designer Paula Fairfield joins the podcast for a conversation ahead of Game of Thrones season 7 at Con of Thrones!

Interview with Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) joins Hannah and Zack for a conversation on the main stage to kick off the inaugural Con of Thrones!

Primetime Preseason with Joanna Robinson

Vanity Fair senior writer and podcaster Joanna Robinson joins the show to discuss the Game of Thrones season 7 trailer, working in Westeros, and the newer, longer wait before the final season.

Spinoffs and Dead Languages with David J. Peterson

Language creator and author David J. Peterson joins the podcast for an intimate discussion ahead of Con of Thrones and Game of Thrones season 7.

Interview with Ramin Djawadi

The podcast sits down with Ramin Djawadi, legendary composer and the man behind the epic music of Game of Thrones.

The End of Autumn

Autumn is finished. Long live Winter. Ozzyman joins the cast for a last pass before our Winter winds blow.

Interview with Kristian Nairn

Kristian Nairn joins the podcast for an emotional conversation following the UK premiere of The Door.

A Night of Ice and Fire

Banners were called. Friday evening of 2015's long prophesized New York Comic Con ended with a rave. Joined by Kristian Nairn, Finn Jones, and Keisha Castle-Hughes — Hard Rock Times Square served as a rallying point for loyal fans of the series. 

Live with David J. Peterson

Live from GeekyCon 2015 in Orlando, your brave hosts dive headlong into end game conversation, guided by listeners in the audience. Enjoy this intimate sit-down with fabled Game of Thrones language creator David J. Peterson, learn what it takes to ride with Drogo.

Daenerys and the Targaryens

Today, we interrupt the season's programming for a special occasion. Following the fun of last week's Game of Owns live show and concert in Denver, a conversation with Westerosian rock band "Daenerys and the Targaryens" was recorded for your listening pleasures. This is that interview. Please enjoy this look into the life and story of crafting a fandom fueled musical act.

Ozzy Man Cometh

Come sail away in our ship of the imagination, filled with news of the new Game of Thrones season, coupled in crew by the Thunder from Down Under, Ozzy Man. It's time to discuss this new trailer.

LIVE in Indianapolis

The long road to PopCon reaches a final conclusion. In an interview with beloved Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn, GOO talks Hodor, located directly in front of the show's first ever live audience.

Bryan Cogman Returns

Game of Thrones co-producer and writer Bryan Cogman returns to the show in a catch-up session riddled with questions looking further into Season 4, and much more.

A Visit With Brewery Ommegang

Brewmaster Phil Leinhart and Publicity Manager Allison Capozza join the show for a look back at the past few years working with HBO in creating the coveted Game of Thrones beer series, and all things to expect as the clock moves forward.

Checking In With Cat

Game of Owns welcomes back Cat Taylor as she takes a small break from the loads of new and exciting work happening with Game of Thrones season 4, to catch up with your hosts.


Simone Boyce joins the show to talk all things Thrones and SDCC 2013, recounting some of the more incredible moments during her work and play there this past weekend, and causing waves of jealousy with your GOO hosts.

Hodor and Friends

Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn has survived the warging process to join Game of Owns today and talk all things leading into Season 4, and some very exciting convention happenings that will undoubtedly happen.

Game of Thrones Ascent!

On this special Friday episode of Game of Owns, join Zack, Selina, and Micah in a sit down with two of the brilliant minds behind Disruptor Beam's massively multiplayer online video game, Game of Thrones Ascent.

Bryan Cogmaaaaan

Days after the release of the epic 5th episode of HBO's Game of Thrones this week, the man behind its writing himself Bryan Cogman joins the show to hang out with Micah, Selina, Eric, and Zack to talk Thrones and beyond, all while answering your deepest and darkest question submissions.

Cat Taylor Visits!

Join your four heroes of GOO today in a tale of romance, deceit, and mud-caked clothing as legendary Game of Thrones behind the scenes Queen Cat Taylor visits the podcast to share gossip and mugs of Canadian coffee.

Catching up with Kristian Nairn

In this very exciting Wednesday episode, the boys are joined by none other than Mr. Hodor himself, Kristian Nairn. It's been months since Kristian's last visit to the show, and he has been up to things. Learn more about his personal experiences filming and thoughts on Season 3, the future of the series, and standing up for George RR Martin's creative decisions. Also, a brand new show is announced!

Kristian Nairn Interview Part 3

In this final edition and closing of Hodor Week, Kristian and the GOO hosts piece apart recipes of Thrones' dynamic and mass appeal — in addition to diving further into the upcoming Season 3 and his past, present, and future in the career of acting.

Kristian Nairn Interview Part 2

Silver of hair? In this second part of Kristian Nairn's first visit to the show, the future of his character Hodor is theorized alongside the GOO cast in addition to answering an entire wheelbarrow full of your listener submitted questions.

Kristian Nairn Interview Part 1

Fresh after an intense mid-week DJ session, Hodor himself joins Eric, Zack, and Selina on the show and talks some about the early days just before being casted for the HBO series and beyond.