A Dance with Dragons

Legend: A Feast for Crows, A Dance with Dragons

Lords of Sorts

Lump is hurt and alone. The free folk have scattered, and the cold dread marches. But for today, Castle Black is back to business.

The Heirs

Lions of Lannister meet life after the murder of noble Lord Tywin. The next great rush for power begins!

Tales of Old Nan

Back, to go forward. Into Feast we move, joining two Stark siblings in their latest and perilous futures.

Valyrian High Road

Minds are stirring in the East. Tyrion litters forward into a new game with new players, the Queen settles into her realm.

Kill the Mouse

Samwell and Jon navigate the post-Wildling Stannis-filled order at Castle Black. Two chapters, two books, one fateful day on the Wall.

The Dark In Tyrion Lannister

Brienne reaches Duskendale and paints her shield. Ilyrio and Tyrion part ways, moving further into the Eastern future.

Burn the Horns

Lord Davos visits a pirate's nest and feasts on their best gossip. At the Wall, Mance denies his kingship in a cage of fire and flame.

This episode ventures deep into future territory, packed with theories and lore we hope to come. Please enjoy!


Reek, Reek, it rhymes with meek. This week, meet Reek and learn the true story of Barristan's legendary exit from King's Landing.

Wight Night

2016's Halloween special is here in a big way! Brandon finally reaches a great tree, and a very old friend. Tyrion and his mysterious traveling band travel the Rhoyne amid giant turtles.

Organ Theme by: Edouard Fourmaux-Lainé

The Best Laid Plans

It's detective work for Davos Seaworth, and a day in the sink of White Harbor. An exquisite party rages in the Great Pyramid of Meereen.

I Dreamed That I Was Old

King Stannis and the Queen's men seek the audience of Lord Snow, defender of grain and Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. In a boat slopping eastward high and low born souls face the autumn storms.

Young Griff

Game of Owns 2016 Holiday Special. Jaime and Tyrion Lannister guide our combined reading into anger and terror while the song of ice and fire mercilessly plays onward.


The podcast is joined by A Feast With Dragons co-creator Jeff aka BryndenBfish for a headlong dive into Greyjoy destiny and the showdown in White Harbor.

Love and Kingship

Tommen, Loras, Margaery and friends play happily in a courtyard. They've been seen by the Queen. But in the North there is only Reek.

Go West, Young Griff

A game of cyvasse, or two and Tyrion Lannister's struggle with the Prince of Sorrows cast a large shadow over Lord Commander Snow's campaign at the Wall.

Doran's Grand Plan

Two Dornish chapters, separated by theories, years, and books. Two Dornish siblings, separated by their father's noble work. Arianne and Quentyn Martell are here!

The Broken Woman

Brienne and company leave the Whispers for Randyll Tarly, but not empty handed. In Meereen, Daenerys considers her options.


Fires burn low in Braavos but the night is for Daeron, the courtesans and the bravos. Jaime leaves King's Landing for Harrenhal.

Statue of Bones

A lost lord of Westeros begins his true quest home. A pious man greets the Queen Regent in his new house of faith.

The Windblown, The Reaver

Men of the west fly close and closer to the Sun in their complicated quest for the Dragon Queen.

The Wayward Bride

The Wayward Bride

Queen in their hearts Asha Greyjoy pays the iron price. Tyrion and Jorah cross the Long Bridge of Volantis.

Trouble With Dragons

Special guest Aziz from History of Westeros joins the podcast! Daenerys moves against the Meereenese knot. Jon works through a chapter of truth and lies.

The Lords Remember

Wyman Manderly and Jaime Lannister treat with dead men. The North remembers.


Sam, Gilly, and the Cinnamon Wind find the coast of Dorne. Melisandre works her magic at Castle Black, from her perspective.

Grey Mist

ASOIAF luminary LiesandArbor arrives to represent House Dayne and discuss Brandon Stark's final published chapter.

Feelin Payne

Brothers Lannister return for travel, truth and measurable comforts among familiar yet foreign parties.

Daddy Roose

Father and son reunite in the glow of Reek's final chapter. Jon Snow and recruits of the Watch head beyond the Wall.

Maggy the Frog and Other Problems

Lady Gwynhyfvar of Radio Westeros joins the podcast in a walk through the fluxlands of King's Landing and Meereen.

The Roose is Loose

The Boltons join the podcast for a dreadful wedding in Winterfell.

Doran Doran

Ser Balon Swann arrives at the court of Dorne.

Eyrie Feeling

Winter is coming for Alayne Stone and Jon Snow.

The Bard's Tale

Tyrion and the Pretty Pig are tested. Cersei experiments with the truth.


The North and its Great Houses prepare for Winter.

The Dragon and the Frog

Queen Daenerys Targaryen peruses her growing list of suitors.

The Blind Girl

A Feast With Dragons is back! 🐉

A Ghost in Winterfell

The Boltons return for A Ghost in Winterfell

Chasing Dragons

Tyrion and friends are sold on the outskirts of Meereen.


Jaime’s final chapter.

Thenn There’s a Wedding

Alys Karstark is married at the Wall.

The Milk and Honey Route

Yunkai and Meereen celebrate a new deal. Dany has a difficult time sleeping.

The Fire and Blood Route

Daenerys and Meeren enter Daznak's Pit

Flight of the Prince

Theon and Jeyne Poole escape Winterhell.

Val’s Helping Hand

Val returns to the Wall with Tormund and 4,000 free folk.


Cersei confesses to the High Sparrow.

The Griffin Reborn

Jon Connington returns to Griffin's Roost.

The Queensguard

Ser Barristan enters the game.

Isle of Monkeys

Victarion Greyjoy and the Iron Fleet reach the Isle of Cedars.

Yezzan’s Special Treasures

The pale mare rides for Tyrion's master.
Thumbnail art by Lukasz Jaskolski

Open the Gate

Castle Black welcomes the Free Folk to Westeros.

The Discarded Knight

The Wise Masters of Yunkai treat with His Magnificence Hizdahr zo Loraq, Fourteenth of That Noble Name, King of Meereen, Scion of Ghis, Octarch of the Old Empire, Master of the Skahazadhan, Consort to Dragons and Blood of the Harpy.

The Spurned Suitor

Quentyn Martell and the Tattered Prince treat in an undercellar.

The Sacrifice

Four cannibals are burned for the Red God.

Victarion I

All Victarion cares about is plundering, fighting, and the dusky woman’s cut out tongue.

The Ugly Little Girl

Arya visits the third level of the House of Black and White.

Walk of Atonement

Cersei is released by the High Sparrow.

Yollo’s Last Dance

Tyrion Lannister signs with the Second Sons.

The Kingbreaker

Barristan and Skahaz finalize the plan. Hizdhar loses Meereen.

The Dragontamer

It's time to steal a dragon. Special guest: The Fattest Leech

DJP and Jon XIII

David J. Peterson returns to discuss his work on HBO's House of the Dragon and the murder of Jon Snow.

Winter in King’s Landing

Chloe and Emmett join the show to discuss power dynamics in WINDS, Varys’ plan, and the ADWD Epilogue.

The Queen’s Hand

Closing out the Meereenese knot with Sean and Aziz of the History of Westeros podcast.

Daenerys X

Dany and Drogon star in the final A Feast With Dragons chapter.