Fire & Blood

Aegon’s Conquest

Archmaester Gyldayn explains how Rhaenys, Visenya, and Aegon Targaryen conquered Westeros.

Reign of the Dragon

Targaryens vs. the Yellow Toad of Dorne

Three Heads Had the Dragon

Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya write the book on controlling Westeros.

Sons of the Dragon

Aenys and Maegor Targaryen get their shot to rule Westeros

Prince Into King

The young prince Jaehaerys makes his opening moves as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Year of the Three Brides

The 49th year after Aegon’s Conquest gave the realm three brides.

A Surfeit of Rulers

Three queens and their squads ride the wave of succession.

A Time of Testing

Aly and Jah return to Westeros. George R.R. Martin shares more info about HOTD and WINDS — and we have a release date!