Westeros Rock

In today's GOO, we invent Westeros Rock and invite you all to submit your best band names! We then move beyond the Wall with Jon Snow as the first battle in the Ice versus Fire war is fought, and begin filling up our Christmas tree with the decorations you have submitted to us.

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Discussion Topics

  • Brienne's Bitches
  • Kingslayer
  • We go beyond the Wall
  • There's no Mr. Tumnus
  • Ghost foreshadowed Ned's fate
  • 4-year-old Eric reviewed A Game of Thrones
  • Hodor's brother and Jafar
  • There's another bastard on the Wall
  • Where's Benjen?
  • The Others are coming
  • Aemon knows his way around a body
  • Ice vs fire
  • The Lord Commander's socks
  • Game of Owns Christmas ornament suggestions
  • Our Owns