Failsafe Kittencat

Your favorite four heroes are back to face the insurmountable mission that is podcasting directly underneath the shadow of a dragon. Well, not really, but they do tackle the fandom-wide confusion surrounding Lord Varys and his possible magical abilities, and which home is the shiniest in all of the realm. In this episode, join the debate that is drawing a clear line down the foursome; Would you have sentence the Targaryean girl to death, or would you have let her run free in the Ghostgrass?

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Discussion Topics

  • Bad cookies and bugs migrating
  • Twitter reply and new Star Wars podcast?
  • Fact checkers
  • Zack gets house in Vegas, starts Khalasar
  • Garden Yeti
  • Tyrion's perspective
  • Hunting with Uncle Ray
  • Selina from Beauty and the Beast
  • The Eyrie is the dopest house in Westeros
  • Eric makes an accidental masterful joke
  • Littlefinger's mistake, Micah's Own
  • Catelyn's nature
  • The cat is a failsafe, Arya adventures
  • Varys shapeshifts?
  • Zack finds Varys
  • Micah calls out Eddard Stark
  • Listener challenge: Spider Web
  • Renly is very smart
  • In the shadow of a Dragon
  • What would you do with Dany? The hosts weigh in.
  • Owns of the Week
  • Listener email from Gordon
  • Your tweets read