Honeymooned Ravens

It is now time to visit yet another block of chapters in the first volume of Uncle Ray's fabled tome collection commonly referred to as the Song of Ice and Fire series. Zack is back and comes with tales from deep into the North of the Wall where Selina has been traveling for the past several days. Eric begins this week's episode with news from a convention he and one of our heroes sailed endless hours to attend during the hiatus, and Micah reached via satellite. Dany is tying the knot with a scary man and his lengthy, well-oiled collection of hair, Catelyn fully realizes her need for gauntlets, Ned and Robert share a broment, and Jon snow learns a thing or two about life.

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Discussion Topics

  • Toilet paper Winterfell
  • Hodor owned Comicon
  • Sex joke filled panel
  • Barren Emmy nominations
  • From Dany to Sansa, the new series
  • She marries the Khal
  • The gifts and after
  • Showing and telling, the love scene
  • Learning more about Viserys
  • Dragon eggs
  • Horses on a hillside
  • Jon's mother
  • Should they revisit a backstory?
  • Well trained ravens
  • He was never fit to be a king
  • Tyrion and Jon
  • Matilda of Thrones
  • Violence in the Library
  • The Tully resolve
  • Pokemon references
  • Our very own Micah is in this chapter
  • Scary counsel
  • Don't hate
  • Joffrey, not cool
  • Owns of the Week, we'll read yours next week!